At QIAGEN Marseille, each employee has a direct impact on our success

Everyone at QIAGEN Marseille has a different background and expertise. Together, we all contribute to building a company known for its innovative products and exciting developments in the field of cancer profiling.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of QIAGEN Marseille is composed of the following members:

  • Mr. Peer Schatz, CEO and Chairman of QIAGEN N.V., Chairman of the Board of Directors of QIAGEN Marseille

  • Mr. Guillaume Connan, Independent board member

  • Mr. Roland Sackers, QIAGEN N.V.

  • Dr. Philipp Von Hugo, QIAGEN N.V.

  • Mr. Olivier Diaz, Independent board member

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of QIAGEN Marseille is composed of the following members:

Vincent Fert

Chief Executive Officer, cofounder

Prior to founding IPSOGEN in 1999 (QIAGEN Marseille since January 1st 2013), Vincent Fert held different executive positions at Immunotech. He was first responsible for R&D, then license acquisition and business development.

Vincent is the author of 15 scientific publications and 9 patents. After Immunotech was acquired by Beckman Coulter (USA), in 1996, Vincent joined the 'Advanced Technology Centre' in Brea, CA where he led technology research projects.

In 1999, with Industry managers, scientists and physicians, Vincent founded IPSOGEN, Marseilles, France to develop and market innovative diagnostic tools in order to tailor cancer treatments.

Vincent Fert has a master's degree in immunology of the University of Marseilles, France.

Stéphane Debono

Chief Operating Officer, cofounder

Prior to co-founding IPSOGEN in 1999 (QIAGEN Marseille since January 1st 2013), Stéphane Debono worked as a bioinformatics scientist and manufacturing engineer at Beckman Coulter, Immunotech for 2 years.

After 6 years as CTO in Bioinformatics and Administrative Manager, Stéphane is currently COO of the company, being responsible for the development, design, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver Ipsogen's products and services, including molecular diagnostic kits manufacturing. He is the director of the human resources department and manages day-to-day operations of the company.

Stéphane Debono graduated at ESIM (now the Ecole Centrale Marseille) with a specialization in industrial computer science. Since joining QIAGEN Marseille, Stéphane has developed his expertise and received an MSc in Finance.

Corinne Danan

Senior Vice President Commercial Operations


Corinne Danan has joined IPSOGEN in 2010 (QIAGEN Marseille since January 1st 2013) to develop the Company presence in Europe and rest of the world. She has also taken on responsibility for North America in September 2010.

Prior to joining the company, Corinne was European Director for Monogram Biosciences - A company from California, specialized in individualized Medicine -  leading the efforts for successful introduction of Trofile assay as companion diagnostic of Pfizer's HIV drug, in close relationships with Pfizer's European Commercial team.

Before joining the Diagnostic industry, Corinne worked 16 years with Eli Lilly, serving in various roles including Senior Sales & Marketing roles, and Country General Management.

Corinne holds a business degree from ISC and a Master of Business & Administration from INSEAD.

Fabienne Hermitte

R&D and Regulatory Affairs Senior Director, cofounder


Prior to co-founding IPSOGEN in 1999 (QIAGEN Marseille since January 1st 2013), Fabienne Hermitte worked for a CNRS-Rhône-Poulenc team.

After 6 years as CTO in Molecular Biology, Fabienne Hermitte is currently in charge of the R&D and Regulatory Affairs of QIAGEN Marseille, being responsible for the Blood and Breast Cancer research & development programs, of external collaborations (ELN, COBRED, etc.), and also in charge of the relation with regulatory agencies (FDA, AFSSaPS)  to register in vitro diagnostic tests.

She holds a Ph.D. and graduated from the IFSBM in 1997 (IGR, Villejuif, France), and the INA-PG «Agro» in 1994.

Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul

Chief Medical Officer


During her career, Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul has held a number of executive positions in the industry; she contributed to the development and launch of several innovative molecules.

Immediately prior to joining IPSOGEN in late 2008 (QIAGEN Marseille since January 1st 2013), she was European Neuro-Psychiatry Medical Lead at Bristol-Myers Squibb European Neuro-Psychiatry Medical Lead at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Before that, Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul served as European Medical Affairs Director, then Strategic Marketing Director for metabolic diseases at Actelion. As International Medical Affairs Director at Serono, she contributed to the launch and reimbursement of Rebif®, a reference treatment for multiple sclerosis, in Europe and the United States.

Hélène Peyro-Saint-Paul holds a doctorate in Medicine (Neurology) from Toulouse University, a degree in Molecular Genetics and a Master in Neuroscience from Paris VI University. Since joining the pharmaceutical industry, she has developed her expertise in pharmaco-economics and received an Executive MBA from ESSEC in 2000.

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